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The Obstacle is the Way!

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"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them to tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


A Mission to Advance Trust, Connection, and Meaning

Since the 1950s, too many modern workplaces have lacked a sense human connection. Employees don’t feel valued and supported; they don’t love what they do. On Sunday nights, instead of feeling excited at the idea of returning to work, they just feel on edge. We developed ThirdSpace, mobile and cloud-based software designed to foster trust and connection among people at work, as an answer.

The name is based on sociologist Ray Oldenburg’s idea of a third space: a gathering spot distinct from your home (your “first place”) and from your work (your “second place”). A third place is a safe zone where you can step out of your formal work role to build community with colleagues, not unlike you might do at a water cooler. 


From personal experience we have heard many organization claim to desire outcomes of innovation, agility, and resiliency.   However, they don't feed the fire that is needed in the human spirit.   Change is difficult, but the obstacle is the way.   ThirdSpace can help.

Sitting by Campfire



ThirdSpace is your virtual Chief Human Connection Officer.  It's a web- and app-based software tool used by every employee, to directly connect them at any time to discuss business activities, post updates about their personal lives, share videos/links/articles of importance, or to share thoughts.  It reduces dependence on disparate systems (intranet, email) and empowers employees to establish and nurture healthy relationships, allows collaboration, and gives opportunity for your people to give authentic displays of self including their mastery at work and in personal life

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ThirdSpace is a culture innovation tool unlike any other - it is not a communication platform or HR system - it is an employer promise and commitment a greater mission and deeper meaning that will ultimately deliver amazing business value

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The design of Physical space informs human behavior, norms and protocol.  A core design feature is using Spaces such that each interaction is unique in its topic.  The central Space is the WaterCooler - a common meeting place for every employee - that aims to be the place where everything comes together.  Custom spaces are easily created for public conversation or private interactions between coworkers.

Psychologist Session


ThirdSpace was conceived and crafted by scientists, business experts, game designers, artists, and software developers to allow humans at work to "bring the whole of us" in to the work that we do.  It's based in the Self-Determination Theory where autonomy, connectedness, and mastery are woven together to harness inherent growth tendencies and innate psychological needs

Brain Scans


Using a combination of AI sentiment analysis, spatial design, self-determination theory, and enterprise social network features, ThirdSpace plants seeds of trust and team connection. Our cloud-based software delivers context to conversations to create dialogues, narratives, and meaningful stories, connecting employees to a company’s mission, vision, and organizational strategy. And ThirdSpace can help leaders psychologically prime interactions that encourage sharing, questioning, gratitude, and—ultimately—behavioral change.


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Co-Founder, CEO,
Culture and Connectedness Expert

Serial entrepreneur, lecturer, and technology expert who leads ThirdSpace with a deep concern for the social ramifications of a connected employee base along with the scientific rationale for business excellence that arises from authentic cultures


Co-Founder, Chair,
Culture Visionary

Eye doctor, entrepreneur, and retired software CEO, who believes in the collective power of the people within a team to drive the mission of a company to the highest levels of success, focused on the expectation that each person should be afforded the opportunity to be great in every effort


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